What is ArtBloom?

ArtBloom features the work of fantastic artists, writers, musicians, actors, videographers, etc. and their evolutionary process as creators.

I began ArtBloom because I belong to a number of wonderful online artist communities and gallery websites, but I noticed something fundamental missing from almost all of them: creative evolution. All of us start somewhere, and those first attempts at our chosen craft are often miserable, or just downright embarrassing. It seems quite rare to find an artist who is willing to show their earliest attempts and most painful failures.

We love seeing the development of our favorite artists throughout their career, to witness how unpolished they were when they began and to see how good they’ve become with practice and effort: it gives us inspiration to keep trying. The problem is that it’s rare to see the early work of most artists, and when you’re just starting out yourself, it can be daunting to see only the best work from your favorite artists. You compare it to your own primitive work, and you think you’ll never be on the same level.  Logically, we know that every successful artist has a plethora of failures that they’ve had to wade through in order to reach their current level of skill. Yes, logically we know this…but because these artists hardly ever show their failures, and because we see only the grand and wonderful work, we put ourselves up next to them and say “I will never achieve that same level. I may as well give up now.”

There are many promising artists in the world, but most never achieve success because they stop before they begin to evolve, frustrated with their lack of skill. The fact that this has been a brick wall to my own progress, and is more rampant a deterrent than we realize, was made known to me through this video interview with Ira Glass of This American Life. As he says, most artists never make it past the phase in which their taste surpasses their skill.

ArtBloom’s mission is to inspire up-and-coming artists by showing them that even the masters were once beginners at their chosen craft. And thus, to inspire those artists not to give up, but rather to keep pressing onward toward their own success.

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