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To submit your work to ArtBloom, please send an email to thea(at), and include the following:

  • Your name or Internet handle.
  • Your preferred medium, genre, or style.
  • A short biography of yourself with links to relevant websites, galleries, books, or any other online projects to which you have contributed. You may also want to include awards, magazine appearances, professional credits, etc.
  • One or more images, text documents, audio files, or videos of your early work, with estimated dates of completion.
  • One or more images (preferably with one at least 900px wide), text documents, audio files, or videos of your more recent work that show significant improvement from the previous example(s), with estimated dates of completion. (The larger the difference in quality, the more inspiring you will be to our visitors.)
  • Optionally (but this is the fun part), include some thoughts on your progress as an artist over the years. What have you learned in the time since you created that early work? What mistakes do you now realize you made? What would you like to say to aspiring artists who are themselves in the early stages of their development? Any other meditations on creativity, inspiration, or motivation? (This can be as long or as short as you like.)

By submitting your work to ArtBloom, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You and all co-creators give ArtBloom permission to display your submission(s) on You retain all copyright for the content; however removal of content after publication, for any reason, is at our discretion.
  • You will be given full credit for your work along with any relevant links to your websites, online stores, galleries, Amazon listings, etc. All links must be included in the submission email.
  • Your work will not be printed, sold, reproduced, or used in advertisements without your express permission.
  • Tasteful mature content is acceptable, however it will be tagged as “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) and may be cropped or censored when featured on the home page.
  • ArtBloom reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason. Based on the amount of submissions, you may or may not be contacted regarding its rejection. You can contact thea(at) for more information.

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