Ricardo Guimaraes  [NSFW]

Ricardo Guimaraes

Ricardo Guimaraes is a talented Brazilian illustrator who was kind enough to share with us some thoughts on his transition from oil to digital painting, as well as a few examples. You can follow Ricardo’s fantastic work on his blog, or view more professional illustrations at his website, RGillustration.com. Thank you, Ricardo!

Update: Ricardo has also informed us that his work has also recently been selected to appear in EXOTIQUE 5: The World’s Most Beautiful CG Characters, from Ballistic Publishing. Congratulations Ricardo!

I graduated with a bachelor in painting in 2002 and have been illustrating ever since. When I began painting I was very traditional and conservative (I even swore to myself I would never use a tablet, hahaha) and of course knew nothing about computers and Photoshop or Painter or whatever. When painting traditionally I have always been very slow, I used almost exclusively oils because somehow I never adapted to fast drying mediums such as acrylics. During the making of my first portfolio it became very clear to me that a career in illustration would be very difficult because every painting I did took me so long to complete and that was completely out of reality given the short deadlines I was about to face. As I was always studying other illustrators I began to realize that many of the illustrations I enjoyed were in fact digital and with a very natural finish, given the fast evolution of the software. I then began considering giving digital media a try. (Very secretly I must admit, haha…) I got myself a tablet and what I first became amazed about was the flexibility of digital painting, and how much faster I was able to finish my artwork with very desirable results. About two years ago I made the complete transition from traditional media to digital painting, and having the experience of painting with real paints greatly helped my growth. One quality I think I possess is that I am a very flexible, adaptive kind of person. I never been lazy about studying something new and dedicating myself to it, and I always knew that if I wanted to get somewhere I was going to have to make “the extra effort.” So I don’t sleep much…

For the past two years I’ve been producing illustrations both for editorials and games, as well as concept art and character development. My work has also been showcased in May’s issue of “ImagineFX – Fantasy and Sci-Fi Digital Art,” which was really a great honour since I love this mag!



The Quest

“The Quest”

Blue Light

“Blue Light”

The images “Green” and “Blue Light” are
the oldest (and they seem really bad to me).





“Wired” is my oldest digital painting (which, by
the time I painted I thought it was “the” painting).



“Escapade” was finished less than a week ago.

2 Responses to “Ricardo Guimaraes”

  1. Fred S says:

    Amazing stuff.
    Very bold use of colors.
    I like them all but the last one, Escapade, is truly incredible!

  2. Oreo says:

    Wow. The details are amazing, especially the explosion in Escapade. I’ve been wanting to do painting for a while; I can’t wait to try it out digitally.