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Philip Straub

Philip Straub is the amazing genius behind Utherworlds, as well as one of the founding members of CGSociety, a prominent online community for digital artists (which by the way, if you are a digital artist and don’t regularly frequent CGSociety, you are depriving yourself of an amazing resource for inspiration). You have probably seen his work in any one of a dozen publications, games, or movies, some of which are listed in his bio below.

Phil was kind enough to share with us some of his early oil painting, wherein we can see his evolution from traditional pseudo-realism to digital fantasy and sci-fi, as well as some of his recent commissions and personal work which showcase the detail that his paintings have developed. We are honored to feature his work here on ArtBloom.

You can purchase the amazing book of Utherworlds from Ballistic Publishing, or visit Phil’s website to see more of his work and learn about his available workshops.

Mark Flag

“Mark Flag”



Arm Plug

“Arm Plug”







Infinite Oz

“Infinite Oz”



Reckoning Day

“Reckoning Day”

Philip’s luminous and meticulously detailed digital and traditional oil paintings have classical influences but are purely based on the fantastic. Philip focuses on invoking an emotional response from his images through composition, color, light and subject matter. Although a conceptual illustrator at heart, his ability to successfully execute a variety of styles has allowed him to work with an array of clients producing imagery ranging from the dark and fantastic to the playful and charming. Philip’s use of traditional media with 3D and 2D software to create his illustrations, has garnered him international acclaim among a variety of artistic circles. He has been a featured artist numerous times in several publications including; The Society of Illustrators NY and Los Angeles Annuals, Spectrum Fantasy Annuals, Exposé digital fine art books, ImagineFX Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Corel Painter Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, 2D artist Magazine, It’s Art Magazine, and on dozens of digital art websites and forums.

As an Art Director, Philip has spent nearly 15 years working for some of the biggest outfits in the games industry. While at NCsoft, he oversaw Concept Development studio wide for a variety of their original IP including; Guild Wars, Tabula Rasa, and Lineage Forever. Prior to working at NCSoft, Philip was Studio Art Director for Electronic Arts overseeing visual development for over 8 franchises including; Madden, NCAA, Tiger Woods, and NASCAR. While at EA Philip developed a centralized Concept team that created every aspect of visual development and prototyping including, characters, environments, UI Design, in game cinematics, marketing materials, and logo brand development. Reaching beyond his Art Director duties, he also taught a Concept Art class at EA University helping to grow Concept Artists within the studio and was on Electronic Arts Worldwide Preproduction council working with other company representatives to improve the console game prototyping process. Currently Philip is Art Directing a game for casual game developer Big Fish Games in Seattle Washington.

In the entertainment industry Philip has worked with a large list of clients including; Mattel, Fisher Price, Disney, Universal studios, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, and Knowledge Adventure. He teaches an online Concept Art class to students around the globe annually. Philip is a founding member of the newly formed CGSociety and regularly contributes to the illustration and digital art communities by judging illustration competitions including; The Society of Illustrators, Painter, Exposé, and CG Challenges hosted by the CGSociety.

Philip recently completed Utherworlds, a novel featuring over 100 paintings, unique maps and languages describing the world, and over 60,000 words of story development. In addition, Philip’s company, Unity Entertainment LLC produced a companion interactive website to the Utherworlds novel featuring an original soundtrack and over 15 minutes of animation. Philip’s licensed designs are appearing on a variety of products: books, games, puzzles, wall murals, scrap booking, apparel, gift, stationery and textiles. Gleaning attention on the shelves of paper craft and hobby, department, independent, chain, specialty, home shopping networks, and big box stores you will find the two stylistic stories of Philip Straub.

As a freelance illustrator his work has appeared on broadcast media, book jackets, CD covers, magazine covers, trading cards, in feature films, and included in advertising campaigns. Philips work has appeared in over 30 children’s books and he has Co-Authored three digital art tutorial books. A short list of clients include; Scholastic, John Wiley and Sons, Universal Studios, Cendant, Fisher Price, Mattel, Utne Reader, RJ Reynolds, Bonner and Co, Big Tuna Trading and Mercer Mayer, McGraw-Hill, Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, TSR, Random House, Draft Worldwide, Ballistic Media, Magic the Gathering, Golden Books, Future Publishing, Harper Festival, Corel, Electronic Arts, 3D Total, Zoo Publishing, Softmotion, Brewster Wallcoverings, American Traditional, Satchi and Satchi, Martin Design, David Textiles, Gander Mountain, CR Gibson, Wizards of the Coast, Sci Fi Channel, Popcap Games, Synthelabo Global, Stylorouge, Toyota, National Geographic, and Nickelodeon.

Philip is constantly attempting to improve his skills as an Illustrator, Concept Designer, Art Director, and Author. He looks forward to future creative endeavors and hopes to make a lasting contribution to the creative fields he enjoys.

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  1. Muskan says:

    Thank you for your efforts to have decided to put these things together on this website. Robin and i also very much valued your input through your articles in certain things. I understand that you have numerous demands on your own timetable therefore the fact that an individual like you took the maximum amount of time like you did to help people like us via this article is definitely highly prized.

  2. Oreo says:

    Simply amazing…

  3. LISA says:

    Although I do appreciated the technique and artistry of Mr. Straub’s work, I would have like to have seen examples that do not depict impending darkness and mass distruction.

  4. Melissa says:

    Mr. Straub’s work is truly amazing. However, this update seems to be little more than an extensive display of his amazing work, whereas we see nothing at all of his earliest, more mediocre work. The oil paintings here are splendid too. I think it would have been more encouraging to see more of Mr. Straub’s progress as an artist.

    That said, again, stunning work.

  5. Chelsea says:

    Wonderful examples of Mr. Straub’s work! 🙂