L. Whyte

L. Whyte

My name’s L. Whyte, I’m 23 and I work doing arty things for a games company these days. My portfolio is at voodoobeans.org, or you can catch me on devart (http://vimfuego.deviantart.com). I actually destroyed most of my work pre-2004, and if it wasn’t for hard-working friends collecting blackmail material this comparison may never have happened…!

L and Mell Take Manhatten

“L and Mell Take Manhatten,” a joke film
poster from 2000. I was 15.

Chasin' Tail

Chasin’ Tail poster for our actual film from 2008, I was 22.

Ginny Weasely

“Ginny Weasely” from 2004, featuring the
world’s longest ever torso/arms/legs/everything.


“Gypsy” from 2008.

Mrs. Incredible

“Mrs Incredible” from 2005. Everything with
white shiny on it, even her crotch. GLEAMING


“Cowboy” from 2007. Crotch-gleam be gone.


“Wicked” from 2006. Everyone is the same height and as flat as paper? Try not to crease when you bend over, guy in the middle!


“Villains” from 2009.

And finally, if only to prove I can actually colour things in sometimes…

Captain Catbeard

The unfamous Captain Catbeard and his misfit crew of deadly pirates! They are fighting the narwhal that poked out each of their eyes. There’s so much I still need to learn in terms of composition, lighting, anatomy, and er, being bothered to finish a piece and colour it in it’s unreal – but at least I’m enjoying it, right? …right? *crickets*

3 Responses to “L. Whyte”

  1. L says:

    Thank you! 🙂 I sometimes wish the sort of freedom I had back when I first did that Incredibles sketch, actually — hopefully there’ll be a time when I can have both 😉

  2. Chelsea says:

    Wow, great improvements! I really love the Gypsy sketch. 🙂

  3. syn1c says:

    Very impressive. Love the evolution of style. I must say though, the Ms. Incredible has a wonderful distorted to look to her, very original.