Kickstarting and Poorcrafting

Kickstarting and Poorcrafting

Have you ever heard of Kickstarter is a resource for anyone with a good idea, particularly creative ideas, to receive crowd-sourced funding in order to realize their dream. Every type of project from publishing books, to recording albums, to painting murals, to traveling around the world, are featured on the site. If you have ever had a project that you would like to do, but lack the necessary funds, consider pitching your idea to Kickstarter for an invitation – if you’re creative enough, and genuine enough, and can offer enough incentive, even backers who only give $1 each can make the difference between dream and reality!

Speaking of which, Spike, the artist and creator of Templar AZ, in collaboration with Diana Nock, has a project on Kickstarter called “Poorcraft: A Comic Book Guide to Frugal Urban and Suburban Living!”

Being inherently creative people, many of us know and understand the starving artist mentality, even if we don’t practice it. Spike has generously offered to make a compendium of all the knowledge anyone might need to survive cheaply while practicing their art (without starving), and such an endeavor should be supported! As Spike puts it:

…Aspiring creative types are pretty easily discouraged by the specter of the “starving artist.” It doesn’t have to be that way! And not enough people realize that.

So, I want to make a book. A comic book, naturally…Comics about housing, food, entertainment, education, travel/transportation, health care, and employment, and doing all those things on a dime. The book wouldn’t just be for cartoonists, either. People who wanna quit their job and stay-at-home parent their kids, people starting businesses, people who want to take a pay cut in favor of more free time, students. A lot of people could benefit from Poorcraft.

Thankfully, Spike’s goal has already been met so the book is definitely being printed; but the bonus is that the more money she is able to raise for the production, the more copies she will be able to donate for free to worthy institutions! You can donate as little as $1 to help Poorcraft reach as many people as possible; or for as little as $5, you can receive a PDF version of the book, while $10 gets you an signed hard copy! That is the cheapest price for a hard copy that you will get, especially for a signed copy with free domestic shipping!

If such a project interests you, I encourage you to support two fellow artists in their effort to help inform and mentor others. If not, I suggest you check out the rest of Kickstarter…you’re bound to find some projects that speak to you! And if you are willing to support others with $1 here or $5 there, just imagine what people will be willing to contribute to you when you design your dream project!

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