This page will be updated as questions are received. If you have anything you would like to ask, please feel free to direct your questions to thea(at)artbloom.net.

What type of art do you accept? Will you take graphic/web design?

All creative endeavors are welcome at ArtBloom! Digital art, traditional art, writing, filmmaking, animation, crafts, costumes, sculpture, performance art (acting etc.), music, and other mediums we haven’t even thought of. As long as you can provide at least two examples from different stages of development that show significant improvement over time, we will consider it. Send in a submission, and see what happens!

As for web or interface design, all we ask is that you send in screenshots rather than just linking to the web pages, as we have no control over external links.

Will you display videos of animation, filmmaking, etc.?

Yes, absolutely! We request however that you send a copy of the original Quicktime, WMV, or AVI file so that we can host it ourselves – again, because we have no control over external links. Until we have an FTP service set up at ArtBloom, you can send a link to the downloadable file, or use YouSendIt or another free file transfer service.

Do I have to send you a featured article image for the banner?

Not at all. As long as you can provide at least one image that is 900px wide or wider, we are happy to make the banner, and in fact prefer it.

However, if you would prefer to create your own banner, the image will need to be 883 pixels wide by 250 pixels high, and compressed at high quality. We reserve the right to modify or change the feature and thumbnail images in order to fit ArtBloom’s front page standards and/or automatic cropping mechanism.

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