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Chloe Cooke-Warren

Chloe Cooke-Warren[NSFW]

Chloe Cooke-Warren shares the evolution of her colorful, character-driven crowd scenes and cityscapes from a childhood of drawing strange and fantastic creatures. We’re happy to showcase her unique oil paintings here! I’m a New York based artist, which is good because I love cityscapes and crowd scenes. There’s so much diverse subject matter in New […]

Mitch V

Mitch V[NSFW]

Mitch V offers us a 5+ year retrospective of his art across three different subject matters, showing an evolution from pencil drawings to digital paintings and back again. Thanks for sharing, Mitch! I’m a freelance illustrator & concept artist, self-taught until this past year where I have been studying in the atelier of realist figurative […]

Meghan Penton

Meghan Penton

I’m a self-taught 20-year-old artist from the Southern United States. I started drawing as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil, but didn’t start focusing on self-critique or seeking to improve my anatomy work until I was about 18. Prior to then I just assumed my art would improve naturally, but over […]

Katie Lippincott

Katie Lippincott[NSFW]

Hi! ๐Ÿ˜€ My name is Katie Lippincott, I’m 20 years old, and I like to draw! I was initially inspired by my love of anime, and a lot of my early work reflects that…a little too much. Since I started taking my drawings more seriously I have grown in leaps and bounds and developed my […]

Kaitlin Mari Baudier

Kaitlin Mari Baudier

Kaitlin Mari Baudier, aka Mari, sent in some great samples from her evolution across a couple of different mediums. We’re proud to feature her comics and ceramics here! I’m an artist from New Orleans, Louisiana and have been writing and illustrating web-comics since 2003 when I began my first online comic, Communication Confusion. Last year […]

Der-shing Helmer

Der-shing Helmer[NSFW]

You can imagine how excited I was to receive an email from Der-shing Helmer (also known as Alexds1), the talent behind the colorful and fun webcomic The Meek! Der-shing offers some comparisons here that will knock your socks off – and we can’t thank D enough for being willing to share a few samples of […]

Meredith Gran

Meredith Gran

Meredith Gran, of Octopus Pie fame, was generous enough to let us compare her inked comics from seven months ago to today’s…as well as share a video of her inking process. As Meredith says on twitter: “Afraid to use a brush? Think it takes too long to learn? I submit to you my inks from […]

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