A New Seed Planted, and a ReBloom

Last year, ArtBloom.net went on what I hoped was a temporary hiatus after running out of content to post. I never talked publicly about the problems I was facing with the website, hoping that if I thought long and hard enough about how to rework the model, I could make ArtBloom better than before. During the following year and a half, I got married, had a baby, lost my job, and have been preparing to go back to school. During that time ArtBloom has always been on my mind, as has my desire to rework it into a more self-sustaining art showcase.

The simple fact is that it became too difficult for me to update the site with any consistency when I was entirely reliant on content submissions from others. While the format was exciting and interesting to read, I was asking too much of our contributors for the features I wanted to publish, and after the initial few months of excitement, it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to share anything new. Eventually submissions dried up all together, and I was left with what I still consider to be a great idea with a wonderful container, but nothing to put in it.

I still believe in the mission of ArtBloom, and still want to share the progression and evolution of amazing artists with those who need the inspiration. Therefore I’ve decided to reboot ArtBloom as a much simpler, much more casual blog. Over the last year I’ve been experimenting with different publishing platforms and social media services, looking for something that would better meet the needs of the site, and when I discovered Tumblr, it all clicked.

Tumblr offers a robust image-sharing service with many of the features built in that I had to manually create in WordPress; it has a thriving community and meta-tagging system, so that ArtBloom can reach a wider audience; and rather than an email submission system with tedious instructions, Tumblr has a built-in submission form making it easy for anyone to contribute to the blog. Last but not least, Tumblr is a free service, making the need for advertising on the site to help cut down on my hosting costs obsolete.

So, with Tumblr as it’s new back-end, I proudly present to you the reboot (or rebloom) of ArtBloom: http://artblooming.com. Over the next few weeks to get things moving, I’m going to revisit some of the old content that has already been featured on the site, as well as some new and interesting content. Click the homepage images to view progressions, or view the whole posts in the RSS feed. Submissions can be made here, and the new RSS feed is located here. ArtBloom.net will remain live as an archive for the time being before I redirect it to ArtBlooming.com.

I hope that you find this new format exciting, and help ArtBloom grow by sharing your favorite posts with friends and asking your favorite artists to contribute. Thank you for all of your support and patience while I planted the seed to help ArtBloom regrow into something new.

With all my love,

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